Dr. Netuschil has a unique approach to health care. She thinks too much emphasis is placed on medications and not the true cause of health problems: STRESS. Dr. Netuschil is a board certified gynecologist who also does primary care. She left her traditional medical practice five years ago and opened up a concierge medical practice for women. This allowed her to take the time necessary to work on stress reduction, changing negative thought patterns, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Netuschil strongly promotes meditation which has been scientifically proven to offer a happier, healthier, less stressed and more focused life. Concierge medicine also allowed her to spend more time with her patients to give better care. Her new practice allowed her to achieve a healthy balance with work and home life and spend more time with her children (another practice she emphasizes with her patients). 


  Dr. Netuschil believes women tend to feel like they are not good enough and they put themselves last. The only time they slow down is when they get sick. She knows it is impossible to achieve excellent health if women run themselves ragged and don’t focus on loving themselves first, hence the wording for her LYGHT Wellness Center:  Love Yourself Gentle Healing Therapies. 


  Dr. Netuschil and her sister, Rina Matkulak, R.N. have opened an Egoscue clinic to help people with chronic pain. She believes chronic pain is another problem that is treated without addressing the root causes.


  Dr. Netuschil is writing a wellness book for women. She also teaches group fitness classes. She says her most important and fulfilling job is being a mom.  She is a proud mother of her 18-year-old daughter, Siena and her sixteen-year-old son, Wes. Her husband Wes Hall, is a plastic surgeon who practices in Reno.



  Rexina (Rina) Netuschil-Matkulak RN has been a registered nurse since 1997. The past 13 years have been devoted to being an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with 7 of those years in a plastic surgery office. At the plastic & reconstructive surgery office she grew the aesthetic injectable practice. She did patient care, trauma wound care and pre and post surgeries. Rina has been certified in Botox and dermal fillers by the Esthetic Skin Institute since 2007. Nurse Rina continuously attends training courses to insure optimum patient care with the latest and safest injecting techniques. Her main objective is to address the patient’s needs and maintain the most natural look. Her nursing career also included 8 years as an operating and room nurse and surgical assistant.


  Nurse Rina loves what she does and appreciates her relationships with her patients. She is honored to have patients that travel from all over the United States to see her.


  Outside of the office, Rina enjoys the beach, snorkeling, running and tennis. She loves her 3 children very much and cherishes time spent with her 4 beautiful grandchildren.


  Follow Nurse Rina on Instagram: @Nurserinainjector


  Nurse Stephanie graduated with honors from Carrington College, Reno in 2014 with her Associate Degree in Nursing. She then went on to further her education and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nurse Stephanie’s background includes the Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care Float Pool, Emergency Department and she is a certified PICC RN. She has a strong passion and dedication to aesthetics and injectables.


  Nurse Stephanie was initially trained by Nurse Rina at LYGHT Wellness Center and attends multiple out of state trainings every year to broaden her knowledge and expertise for injections. She believes that continuing her education and training is necessary to provide her patients with the latest products, techniques and trends in the aesthetic industry. Nurse Stephanie strives to always provide natural, beautiful results in a comfortable environment. She absolutely loves her career as a certified Nurse Injector!


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