Group Fitness Classes



12:15 - 12:45 -  Group Meditation with Dr. Netuschil. This class is free for Dr. Pam’s patients and a $10 drop in fee for nonpatients. To sign-up click here



9:15 am YinAsana - Hatha Yoga combined with Thi Chi, Qigong (Taoist Yoga) a gentle yet powerful practice (all levels)



9:30- Aspired Elements yoga with Marie Harger - a Yin Yoga class moving slowly and holding postures longer to support muscles, connective tissue, body healing and rejuvenation.  This is a great class to complement more intense yoga practices and/or activities (all levels). *


12:15-12:45 - Group Meditation with Dr. Netuschil. This class is free for Dr. Pam’s patients and a $10 drop in fee for nonpatients. To sign up click here


6:30- 7:30 pm - Mindfulness Movement and Meditation.  Class taught by Denise Barclay.  This class is free but donations are accepted. To sign up click here



12 noon Yoga Basics - Begining Yoga sign up necessary-minimum 6 participants. Basic postures, alignment, breath & more. (Beginner)


6:00 pm - Aspired Elements Yoga with Marie Harger - Evening yoga to release accumulated tension and encourage better sleep and overall balance. Class ends with restorative postures (all levels).*



10:45 am – Aspired Elements Yoga with Marie Harger - a strong more advanced practice to challenge the body and encourage growth. Arm balances, head/hand stands and more. (intermediate and advanced students).*

Note: does not include master classes, they are specific to the theme of the practice and geared for all levels. 


* For more information about Aspired Elements Yoga contact Marie Harger 775.287.0909(cell), 775.391.5440(work).

To sign-up for classes online go to and search for Aspired Elements


Prices for Aspired Elements Yoga classes are listed below.  

Drop-in $20

3 class pass $45   (expires in 1 month)

5 class pass $70   (expires in 2 months)

10 class pass  $120   (expires in 6 months)

30 class pass  $285   (expires in 12 months)

SPECIAL 15 CLASS PASS $150 (expires in 9 months)


Fall Special Deal: Bring a friend for $10.  You and a friend get $10 off drop in price.  


*Sign up necessary for Marie Harger's Yoga classes - minimum 6 participants for all classes

Class Descriptions 

Group Meditation-Are you ready to be happier, healthier, less stressed, more focused, and creative? Would you like to lower your blood pressure and lower your risk for heart attack and stroke? Meditation has been scientifically proven to offer all of these benefits!  These group classes will help improve your self meditation skills, encourage you to set time aside, and allow you to get into a beneficial regular routine.  The lunchtime meditations are perfect for the busy professional to take a break, recharge, regain your clarity with enough time to have your lunch! Class taught by Dr. Netuschil.  This class is free to Pam's patients.  Others may join for a fee.  


Mindfulness Movement and Meditation – This class will begin with a combination of Qi Gong movement and gentle yoga poses which help settle the body and mind to prepare for sitting meditation. The 30 minute meditation period will include instruction and an opportunity to ask questions about the practice at the end. The overall focus, of this amazing class, is on mindfulness of body and breath and how to develop awareness on the mat/cushion as well as in daily life.  Class taught by Denise Barclay. This class is free.  


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