What if I only see my gynecologist once a year?

Dr. Netuschil is now doing primary care as well.  This means she could see you immediately for sore throats, skin lesions, thyroid problems, cholesterol screening, yearly blood work, etc.  This can help patients avoid going to urgent care or the emergency room which is very costly.


I have insurance, why should I pay out-of-pocket for my doctor’s fees?

 A lot of patients have a hard time getting in to see their doctor in a regular practice and often use urgent care or the emergency room.  This can cost the patient a lot of money.  With the yearly fee, there is no copay and most procedures are included.  The doctor knows you well because they limit how many patients they take.  You are never seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.  You can be seen the same day or next day.  For a lot of people, this peace of mind is worth the fee.  Also, the fee is similar to a gym fee, or a latte’ a day.  Also, for patients with out of network coverage, they can get reimbursed some of the yearly fee.  For patients with a high deductible, the yearly fee can sometimes save them money.


What is included? 

Annual exams, hormone consultation, a few skin lesion removals, uterine and cervical biopsies, all primary care visits, throat and flu cultures, urinalysis, and most procedures.  Group meditation classes are also included.  See benefit tab for more information.


Are my labs, prescriptions, x-rays and other tests covered? 

Dr. Netuschil uses your insurance for all testing unless it is cheaper to do a cash fee for patients with high deductibles.


What if I need surgery?

If you need gynecologic surgery, Dr. Netuschil does the surgery at what it would cost the patient to go to an in-network physician.  She can often do the surgery for cash pay cheaper than some patients’deductibles.  If there is too much out-of-pocket costs, Dr. Netuschil will set you up with the best surgeons in town.  If you need any other type of surgery, she will also arrange to have you go to the top surgeons in Reno.


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